How we work

We put your unwanted invetory to further use elsewhere – worthwhile for you! This can only work if the disposal process runs smoothly, involving the minimum effort for you. We have therefore designed a permanent procedure that has proved its worth everywhere:

  • We put all our cards on the table. Our customers must be able to rely on us to provide the agreed performance – no ifs, no buts. For this reason, we ask for in-depth advance information on the type, amount and condition of the goods for disposal – for example, by examining data sheets and requesting up-to-date photographs from our customers. Of course we are happy to make on-site inspections at any time. All this information is used to prepare our quotation.

  • Our aim is to relieve problems – not cause them. Disposal processes can rapidly become a headache if they are not planned thoroughly. And because no two projects are alike and different conditions apply to every case, we discuss the individual procedure with you down to the last detail. As a particularly important principle, we only interrupt day-to-day business in our work if it is absolutely unavoidable.

  • We do not stop until we have finished. All we aim to leave behind is your satisfaction. Of course, part of this is to leave your site in a clean and tidy condition. To ensure this process runs smoothly, we use our own transport vehicles and work in partnership with freight companies that can guarantee professional completion of all orders.